Reasons To Adopt A Rescue Pet

We choose to rescue because we knew how many deserving animals are waiting for their second chance. We know we need to show them that although all they may have known in their prior life was neglect, abuse or worse… they mattered.
Thinking about adopting a pet? Here are some reasons why rescue is the best option…
You’ll Save A Life
90% of our Fishtails Animal Rescue Adoptables were time-stamped pets who escaped euthanasia with minutes to spare.
Fishtails Animal Rescue Will Have Space For Another Time-Stamped Pet 
Once a pet is re-homed and an adoption fee is received, this allows us to rescue and rehabilitate another time-stamped pet in it’s place. 
Many Rescue Pets Are Already House Trained
Cats and dogs in foster care are exposed to house training. Dogs and cats that have been abandoned by their owners may also be trained to live indoors. This can make owning a pet even more enjoyable!
You Can Find Puppies And Purebreds 
If you’ve got your heart set on a purebred or puppy, please contact us we may have the perfect fit for you!