I Can’t Adopt, But I Want To HELP!

Even if you can’t adopt a pet, you can still help them, and Fishtails Animal Rescue in many ways.


Donating money, even if it’s just the spare change can make a huge impact! Consider asking friends and family to send donations to our rescues in lieu of gifts on your birthday and during the holidays.

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Like & Share Our Adoptables And Posts

Simply liking our page and sharing our posts with your friends can help spread awareness! You never know when that special connection between human and homeless pet will happen. Keep sharing, liking, and posting…IT SAVES LIVES!

Rock Fishtails Gear

Not only do we make fun t-shirts and hoodies for animal lovers, we are dedicated to saving the lives of shelter animals with every purchase! Each sale allows our founder and veterinarian, Dr. Lauren Cohn, to pull animals from local shelters that would normally be deemed “unadoptable” due to extreme medical concerns, providing the animals with necessary medical treatments, safe and loving temporary foster care, and ultimately finding them their forever homes. Each purchase MATTERS and truly saves a life.

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