What Is A Time-Stamped Pet & Why We Choose To Save Them

Overlooked and out of time, pets who want to love and be loved that have been slated for euthanasia…

Even when holding kennels are full, if someone insists they cannot continue to house or care for their pet, or if a free roaming dog is causing a danger to residents, often times, shelters MUST admit them under any and all circumstances. Unfortunately when kennels reach capacity they are forced to responsibly manage the population, which results in euthanasia.

Pets with extreme medical cases almost always are the first to be considered for euthanasia, no matter their age/breed. Dr. Cohn began her rescue efforts by pulling these types of animals from local shelters, providing them with necessary medical treatments, safe and loving temporary foster care, and ultimately finding them their forever homes.

Time-stamped pets in need, deserve a fighting chance, even with severe injuries and underlying illnesses. With the help of The Fishtails Fighting Chance Fund, these pets get their second chance.

As Dr. Cohn continues her mission of helping more pets, she relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support.

Without the assistance of community minded individuals like you, she would not be able to save the many lives that she does. PLEASE consider donating by clicking here.