Our Mission


Pulling time-stamped animals from local shelters that would normally be deemed “unadoptable” due to extreme medical concerns.

Rehabilitate & Re-home

Provide time-stamped pets with necessary medical treatments, restore their trust in humans and place them in loving temporary foster care, ultimately finding them their forever homes.


The Fishtails Fighting Chance Fund helps cover medical costs beyond routine veterinary care, to allow loving pet owners to avoid surrender and/or euthanasia.


Pets Available For Adoption

Meet Our Founder Dr. Lauren Cohn


Rescue Resources

I Can’t Adopt, But I Want To HELP!

Even if you can’t adopt a pet, you can still help them, and Fishtails Animal Rescue in many ways. Donate Donating money, even if it’s just the spare change can make […]

Reasons To Adopt A Rescue Pet

We choose to rescue because we knew how many deserving animals are waiting for their second chance. We know we need to show them that although all they may have […]

What Is A Time-Stamped Pet & Why We Choose To Save Them

Overlooked and out of time, pets who want to love and be loved that have been slated for euthanasia… Even when holding kennels are full, if someone insists they cannot […]

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